Adding External Hosting User Accounts

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[edit] Naming Convention

All external hosting user accounts will need to follow the following naming convention: "first name initial + middle name initial + full last name" (all underscore)

To see examples please refer to Web Department Personnel Information

[edit] Adding Account on RedHat based Linux Servers (web7 / web8 / dev2)

sudo adduser njhoffman
sudo passwd njhoffman
sudo usermod -a -G psaserv njhoffman
sudo usermod -a -G psacln njhoffman
sudo usermod -a -G git-users njhoffman
id njhoffman

if they need to be a sudo-er

sudo usermod -a -G wheel njhoffman

deleting old users

sudo userdel -r njhoffman

Documentation: Adding a User Deleting a User

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