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* Difference between TCP/UDP
* Describe how you would look for an SQL injection vulnerability
* Describe your ideal development environment
* My high traffic site is experiencing preformance issues - help me find a solution
* Explain when you would use the native explode and implode functions in PHP
* Explain the difference between an include and a require
* What's the difference between a protected and private variable
* What's the difference between an abstract class and an interface class
* What's the scope resolution operator and what is it used for
* Why would you use jQuery over strait javascript
* Technically speaking, what exactly did you do day to day at your last position?
* What's the problem with Apple computers?
* What's your UI design experience?
* I have a permissions issue on file uploading how would I go about fixing that?
* What is serialization?
* What is JSON?
* What does PHP stand for?
* Explain a problem you to solve and how you used troubleshooting to arive at a solution?
* You have a problem you don't know how to solve and where do you start?
* Do you prefer open source hosting platforms? Why?
* Do you have version control software experience?
* explain 3 different types of php array sorting?
* how do you destroy a cookie?
* what does $$ mean?
* is javascript synchronous or asynchronous?
* what is the difference between GET and POST?
* what is a benefit of PDO over the standard SQL connect?
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