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[edit] Plesk Host Creation

These are the current steps to setting up the hosting on the production server through the Plesk control panel to prepare for launching a site. The details of this process might change in the future.

The DNS for the hostname must be setup. If GoDaddy is the registrar, refer to the 'Setting up DNS in GoDaddy' page.

[edit] Creating a New Customer and Subscription

If the client is not already in the system, a new customer will need be created to attach to the domain. Click on 'Customers' in the left panel, and then 'Add new Customer'.

Fill in relevant info for client in 'Contact Information'.

Launch 01.jpg

Enter in any username and password (that is secure) for the 'Access to Panel' fields. We don't traditionally give control panel access to clients, but Plesk requires this field to continue.

Launch 02.jpg

Create a subscription at this time if the domain name is known.

Again, Plesk asks for a mandatory username and password login for the subscription. This would allow the client to directly edit the files within his domain. This is never a good idea, so give it a unique username and strong password, and forget then about it like the panel access account. Select the 'Shared' internal IP if no SSL is setup, otherwise choose the dedicated IP purchased through rackspace.

[edit] Creating Demo and Stage subdomains

This should set up the directory structure for '' (/var/www/vhosts/ with the live document root (/var/www/vhosts/ If DNS has been setup and changes have propogated, we should now see the Plesk default server page when visiting ''. We now need to create the subdomains for the staging and demo site.

Open the subscription you just created, and then click on 'Websites and Domains' tab. Click on 'Add New Subdomain' on the bottom control bar, and then add the 'stage' subdomain with subfolder 'stage' (this can be different and specified in the launching script, but best keep it simple and name both the subdomain and the subfolder 'stage'). Do the same for the demo subdomain. If the DNS for the subdomains is setup correctly, these subdomains should now show the default Plesk server page.

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