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1. Archive both httpdocs and httpdocs.git directory assets (using tar) of the site. Preserve permissions.

tar -cvpzf httpdocs.tgz httpdocs

2. Securely transmit the archives of the site assets to the production server. (scp/sftp are good options here)

scp -P 11200 httpdocs.tar.gz
tar -cvpzf - httpdocs | ssh -p 11200 "cat - > ~/httpdocs.tar.gz"

3. Set up a new Plesk site for physical hosting and clean up the auto generated httpdocs

4. Decompress both your httpdocs (replacing the old httpdocs directory) and your httpdocs.git archives

tar -zxvf httpdocs-git.tgz

5. Change the httpdocs.git/config remote to correctly reflect the production environment

6. Set the permissions as if you were to set up the Git site manually - Setting up Git versioned sites manually

7. Check out the migrated repository at it's new location and try pushing to ensure there are no issues.

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