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Please add documentation for any development projects you work on for the St. Luke's website.


[edit] Database Credentials

[edit] Git

[edit] June 8th, 2011

Initial Git repository has been created on the server. There is not yet a bare repository setup, so cloning, pushing and fetching are not yet supported. All changes to the site files should be made through SFTP. Download a copy of the file you want to edit, make your changes, and then upload the file back to the server. Let John know when you have made a change so they can be committed to the repository.

[edit] Press Releases

[edit] Site Search

[edit] June 10th, 2011


A new site search has been implemented using a freeware search solution called SearchBlox. This is a Java based solution that internally makes use of the Lucene search technology.

[edit] SearchBlox Documentation

[edit] SearchBlox Admin Interface

SearchBlox runs as a server, which has an administrative web frontend that can be accessed at the URL below (credentials in KeePass). From the administrative interface you can manage indexing of the site, get search reports, etc.

[edit] SearchBlox Install Location

The SearchBlox software itself is installed in the /opt/searchblox/ directory of the St. Luke's server.

[edit] Starting/Stopping SearchBlox

To start the server use this command:

sudo bash -c "nohup /opt/searchblox/startSearchBlox > /opt/searchblox/console.log 2>&1 &"

To stop the server use this command:

sudo killall /opt/searchblox/jre/bin/java

[edit] PHP Frontend

The PHP frontend for SearchBlox is located at /var/www/vhosts/ and is setup as a "single page" within Concrete.

This is a fairly simple script that makes a request to the SearchBlox server and then parses the XML result for display as XHTML.

[edit] August 24th, 2011

majones (from email):

So I dont know if you guys have gotten to the site search yet, but I got in there today to do a little work. Their complaint with the default C5 search was that it wouldnt index khalids new patient story/press release section (what they manage through their admin with the calendar). So, SearchBlox was put in at some point:

Here's what Jeremy said regarding getting press releases to show up in search results:

"Click on 'St. Luke's Main Website', then on the page that loads click on the Documents tab. From there, each press release can be added by putting it's URL in the Location field and clicking the Add/Update button. This would need to be done for each existing press release as well as every new release that is added. External search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) would still not be able to index the press releases, however."

Since they still had old press releases in C5 sitting around, I added a disallow directory of: /news-and-publications/press-releases/ to make sure there arent duplicate results. This was opposed to removing all the old press release pages in C5.

[edit] Cardiologists LC Symposium

[edit] July 27, 2011


This form is for a yearly event and is taken down after the event to the best of my knowledge. It is developed using Khalid's EZMoney Forms and submits to the database "CARDIOLOGISTS_F_REGISTRATION_DB"

I updated DB credentials that were stored directly outside of the document root in /var/www/vhosts/

These configuration values also effect Khalid's administration area where St Lukes updates press releases, events, and url rewriting. When I changed them to the remote server I brought down the Khalid admin area, they were changed back to their default values.

However the form still refused to render even with the updated configuration pointing to the right server.

Upon getting into the source of the form it was apparent that there would be no consistent way to keep it updated and Mark has requested new specifications from the client to rebuild the existing form.

Mark found the one of the documents containing field information stored at:

[edit] August 15, 2011


This form has been completely redone and we have moved it to:

No cleanup has been done yet on the form.

[edit] Elavon Payment Processing

[edit] August 26, 2011


All known payment processing for St. Luke's happens through Elavon Merchant Services. St. Luke's Account Rep. with Elavon is Francene Brown:

Direct 865-403-8760 Toll Free 800-725-1245, x 8760 [email protected]

Access to Virtual Merchant is here: and credentials are in keepass.

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