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[edit] nodejs

Visit and click the windows installer (currently a dark green windows icon on a light-green background).

Run the installer at the root level of the C: drive. The file path should be C:/Node

Verify Node is installed by opening git bash and running this command: node -v If node is installed, the console will log a version number

[edit] Gulp

Open git bash at the root level on the C: drive

Run this command: npm intall -g gulp

Verify gulp is installed by running this command: npm list -g gulp

[edit] Stylus

[edit] Gulp Tasks

Use git bash to run gulp tasks from the project directory.

gulp styles

Compiles project's stylus files to minified CSS

gulp watch

-- Automatically watches project's stylus files for changes and compiles on save.
-- Repaints CSS in browser without a page refresh (only works in Chrome with LiveReload extension)

gulp js

Minifies and compresses project's javascript files and saves them with a .min suffix

ex. myScript.js -> myScript.min.js

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