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The script 'gitrepo' is used to automate the process of setting up a git respository. This should be installed on all of the web servers.

- The appropriate server can be found under the 'FTP' section in KeePass.
- Run 'su' and use root password for relevant webserver found under 'Server Users' in KeePass.
- This looks for possible temporary and backup files that should be removed manually.
- These files should be backed up on local storage before removing.
- This is to ensure we're not bloating the size of our git repository (<10 MB).
- If any large directories contain files that are not expected to change they should be added to the .gitignore file.
- If there is a .gitignore file already within the document root the script will use that
- If there is no .gitignore file then the script will create one with some default settings and ask you if you wish to manually add to that.
- If you have additional directories that were found through the "gitrepo --size" or the "gitrepo --gitignore" now is the time to add them.
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